Police and Crime

Godshill is covered by the South Wight Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team. This area covers Godshill, Wroxall, Chale, Whitwell and Niton.

Police Beat Surgeries – November 2019 to January 2020

PCSO Stephen Oatley reports that there are no beat surgeries for November due to his other commitments for that month. In addition, following the closure of Chale Stores future beat surgeries for Chale will be held in the car park until another venue is found.

VillageLocationFromToFeb 2020Mar 2020Apr 2020
GodshillGodshill Post Office9:3010:00N/A04/03/2020N/A
WroxallSt Martins Rd Car Park9:3010:0006/02/2020N/A01/04/2020
NitonNiton Post Office10:3011:00N/A04/03/2020N/A
ChaleChale Stores Car Park10:3011:0006/02/2020N/A01/04/2020
WhitwellWhitwell Church10:0010:30N/A06/03/2020N/A

The team now produces a monthly newsletter. Here is the latest:

DECEMBER/JANUARY 2020 (download)



There is very little reported crime in Godshill. Looking at statistics over the last 5 years, we find that barely more than 1 crime is reported each week in Godshill.

Over a third of crimes reported fall into the low-level category of “Anti-social Behaviour” with a quarter being classed more seriously at “Violent”.

For more information:

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