Leal's Tea Gardens

The arrival of the rains has truly christened the rebirth of Leal’s Tea Gardens. After a great deal of hard work involving seasoned professionals, family and friends, Annabel and Carl have launched themselves onto Godshill High Street. The extensive gardens, pillars, ponds and water features which before this year were the declining Willow Tree Tea Gardens have been totally rejuvenated.

Way back in the 1930s these gardens were the original Leal’s and many of the stone features from then still stand. The fountains, streams and waterfalls have been restored and help provide a tranquil haven in the centre of the village.

The gardens are complimented by both covered and indoor dining able to cope with all weathers and all seasons. A majestic new wood burner has pride of place and will be a delight for diners as the cooler evenings set in.

Whilst they are already fully functioning, as with any extensive new venture, there are further refinements they have planned, in their case, mostly relating to being open daytime and evening during the winter months.


So, why not pop in to Leal’s Tea Gardens and, if you do nothing else, try their coffee! It is pretty unique. It is Freedom Blend from Inside Ground, a commercial partnership between Union Hand Roasted Coffee and HMP Feltham Young Offenders Institute. These young men are getting a solid second chance to learn all there is to know about coffee and find themselves new jobs in the UK hospitality industry.

Phone 01983 840149
E-mail cdonoclift@hotmail.com
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Street Address High Street
City / Town Godshill
Postcode PO38 3HH
Country United Kingdom
State/Province England
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