A shipping container has landed!

April 26, 2021 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Parish Council

shipping container

There appear to be precious few residents who know why a shipping container has appeared between the public conveniences and the car park.

It’s another great secret that the Parish Council have largely kept to themselves. They have committed residents to a spend of £80,000 without ensuring widespread support of such a large investment. Another example of Godshill Parish Council’s continued clandestine approach to local government. The arrival of this shipping container appears to suggest that the project is going forward. But it does have to be said that the eagle-eyed amongst you who can find your way to the meeting minutes on the council website will have noticed that they have signed over £24,000 to a company called Danfo for loos. They don’t post the minutes on the physical noticeboard.

The large shipping container, we presume, is to be used by those who are going to install the new loos. It would have been nice if the Parish Council had circulated the village with details of what was being done together with images of what the new facilities will look like. Not even any pictures on their website. Yet another example of their failure and unwillingness to communicate.

HEALTH WARNING – Don’t hold your breath expecting a progress update on the project from the Parish Council!