Our Village

Drone’s-eye view of the village with wonderful views over the church (probably 2014?)

7:54 minutes

A look around the village from the hustle and bustle of the High Street to the tranquility beyond the churchyard. Shot with a Panasonic HC- X900 (Jul 2012)

2:55 minutes

Whist much of this video is in the model village, there are quite a number of shots of other parts of the village (July 2015)

5:34 minutes

Godshill Model Village

Window shopping Model Village style 🙂

Posted by Godshill Model Village on Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Window Shopping – Model Village Style

0:24 minutes

Our fascinating model village – nestles in the grounds of the Old Vicarage. The cottages, pubs and churches are faithfully reproduced versions of the real buildings in 1/10th scale. (by Joshua Miranda)

August 2017 4:18 minutes

Old Smithy

The witch stirring her cauldron Posted by The Fairies of Godshills Old Smithy on Sunday, 22 March 2015

All Saints Church

The Priory Investigates: In this video some important truths of Templarism are shared, of which the general public would not normally know about. We see evidence of Masonic and Knight Templar sybolism (March 2018)

14:38 mins

Visiting bellringers – short extract of a London Surprise Minor peel.

1:14 mins


A drone’s-eye view of the haunted ruin (Oct 2017)

2.58 minutes